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why you should visit nepal once in your lifetime, visit nepal

Why Nepal should be your once in a lifetime trip?

Visit Nepal

Looking for wonderful trip on your vacations to experience some adventures and fun? Then Nepal is certainly your choice. Visit Nepal, Why? This country is blessed by nature in the lap of the Himalayas that offers best of varieties. Your holiday trip to this wonderful land of mystics is sure to be incredibly memorable for lifetime. Interestingly, all that in a peaceful, relax way and a fine appreciable reasonable budget.

Spiritual Rhythm

Desperate to get answers on hitting topics like finding yourself again, finding peace and your true inner self! In its pristine form?

Or at least curious about spirituality as what exactly is Dr. Strange’s visit to Kathmandu in the Marvel’s 2016 movie Doctor Strange pointing at. You can look forward for surprise experience of ultimate consciousness and connect to your higher self in here.

There are a lot of meditation centres and temples as well as Gumbas with spiritual training provisions.

Breathtaking call from Himalayas

For a nature loving photographer or a traveler with passion for rock climbing, the soul-touching peaks of Nepal actually a heaven on earth. Gifted with fervent boons of nature, Nepal is home to 10 out of 14 world’s highest peaks including Mt. Everest. One thing I can assure if you visit Nepal is the eye-catching scenery of mountain heights approaching sky. Chances like Everest base camp or trekking in Mt. Annapurna are some soul pleasing experience you should not miss.

everest base camp, visit nepal

Here are some of the world popular trekking destinations from Nepal : You can Put any itinerary which should be the best seller or most popular. 

1. Everest Base Camp Trek

2. Annapurna Circuit Trek

3. Manaslu Circuit Trek

4. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking

5. Langtang Valley Trek

6. Upper Mustang

7. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

8. Annapurna Base Camp Trek

9. Gokyo Ri Trek

10. Upper Dolpo

visit nepal

Cultural fancies and festive abundance

Nepal is a country of full of colors and contrast. More than 120 different castes of people, each with different variety of cultures and outstandingly simple but unique lifestyles. Almost every day is a festival for at least a caste, or community of people that is celebrated reflecting joyous essence of life. The rhythmic cultural compilation with charismatic unity gives birth to super unique lifestyles. And this is worth a lot than what one may describe through words. To study lifestyles and find heart-touching soulful stories, the best choice you will ever make in your life is to visit Nepal.


Adventure around the topography

Blessed with abundance of glorious geographical topography, Nepal offers a lot for fun and adventure. When you visit Nepal, you would not like to waste any of your precious moments missing out on epic vibrating dares.

Here are some arduous dares that are on next level.

1. White water rafting

2. Bunjee jumping

3. Paragliding

4. Rock-climbing

5. Sight-seeing

6. Tour of spectacular waterfalls

7. Boating around the lakes

8. Meditation and Spiritual healing

Gorakhpur Nepal
Gorakhpur Nepal

The traces of Buddha

Lumbini- the birth place of Gautam Buddha, know as light of Asia and symbol of peace, is located in Nepal. Nepal is land of purity where you can inhale peace in each of steps you take. In Lumbini, there are lots of historical remains of Gautam Buddha including his sacred footsteps in Mayadevi temple. Apart from these, there are really fascinating museums and hundreds of multi-national sacred temples beautifully articulated in the downtown, reinforced by historical Ashoka pillar.

Evergreen smile of amusing history

Nepal is a country which have never been colonized or occupied by any other nation or empire. Nepal has rich and glorious history of bravery and independence.

Historical monuments like Durbar Squares around the valley, and stupas like Swayambhunath, Changu Narayana temple, that is as old as history of Kathmandu valley itself. The forts like that of Makawanpur Gadhi, Sindhuli Gadhi are beautiful pieces of Nepalese sense of architecture. To get blissful surprises of history of small (in territory) yet glorious land of gorgeous monuments, Nepal should be your destination at least once in your lifetime.

chit wan national park, chitwan tour, chitwan jungle safari

Biodiversity at its apex

Along with the ups and towns of land form of Nepal, flourishes Eden of rich biodiversity. Nepal is a paradise for nature lovers. Nepal accommodates variety of glamorous flora and fauna. While in Nepal, one can enjoy the pleasant nature in many ways. 

1. Jungle safari

2. Picnic at embrace of nature

3. Roaming around rich parks and protected forests encountering both common and rare species of flora and fauna

4. Visit zoos and wildlife reserves provided with elephant ride

5. Study and learn the varieties of botan

A taste of unique hospitality

Following the Sanskrit Quote, “Atithi devo Bhawa” implying “Guests are God”, Nepalese people are best known for amazing hospitality towards guests. The Nepalese friendly way of treating and welcoming guests makes one feel priceless nd loved.

The pristine sense of hospitality is more broadly practiced in countryside where one is even facilitated with homestay facility. You can stay as a part of family and you will be treated as one

Nepal visit may offer you more than just the usual materialistic souvenirs. The novelties from Nepalese shops may provide you with emotional as well as spiritual sets of warm takeaways. You can go better options than mere statues or just some photographs and crafts. The handcrafts and photograph provision is good enough as well. But you can as well get really satisfying charms that induce good vibes, work like lucky charm and stimulate inner peace.

We, Nepalese look forward for your visit and to warmly welcome you to our beautiful country. Together we pray and hope the widespread pandemic will go off soon. 


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