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Rafting in Trisuli River

Daily Tour Availability: 2019-01-01
Kathmandu 44600, Nepal Day Tours


You will take a 3 hour drive to the point. You will encounter straightforward and well-spaced out rapid. You will encounter big bouncy waves, hefty holes, and tricky chutes all go towards making an exhilarating ride to remember with a combination of Grade II+ and III+ rapids with some IV’s in the post-monsoon season. You will also encounter rapids such as ‘Snell’s Nose’, ‘Teen Devi’, ‘Ladies Delight’, ‘Upset’. You will be mesmerised by the beautiful scenery and peaceful environment.  We will equip you with first class safety equipment, a small briefing session and hygienically prepared food and drinks.

Important Note : 

Your safety is of paramount importance to us at Alpine Club of Himalaya. We have the absolute authority to cancel the trip or change the itinerary, when deemed necessary or when we have reason to believe your safety is at stake. Weather conditions, the health condition of a group member, natural disasters, and such, can contribute to changes in the itinerary when traveling in remote mountainous regions. In these extreme situations, we kindly request that you offer your full co-operation to the trusted leader of the group appointed by Alpine Club of Himalaya. However, we assure you that we will make every effort to keep to the above itinerary.

Nepal has seen many rulers and ruling dynasties, which lead to a colorful, mixed history. Kathmandu Valley being the heart of Nepal is a natural basin of patchwork of terraced fields and sacred temple towns that showcase the glory of the ancient architects and artisans of Nepal.

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    2:40 am - April 13, 2019 / Reply

    This is the most beautiful experience we ever had . We had a rafting at Trisuli River , which went excellent.
    I will be doing this again next year. Thank to Mr Sujan and team for recommendations. I highly recommend this to my friends and family.


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