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Who we are?

We are a strong and well organized adventure travel company head office based in Kathmandu who handles easy to extreme adventure activities as well as the great culture and nature luxury holidays with in the region of Nepal and its neighbors.

Our Mission

What do we deliver?

Alpine club of Himalaya, a holiday Adventure Travel Company we deliver the wide range of travel products to find the needs of different level (ages, budget and interest) people from around the world. The products are based following product segment.

Nature-based Holidays

Himalaya is a well known travel destination for nature lover and we have design the best itinerary which is expected to remain strong as more urban dwellers seek authentic and Natural experiences and want to see exotic destinations and endangered species. Due to the Influence of ecotourism within this segment, consumer interest is strong for tourism companies to adhere to responsible practices.

Cultural Holidays and Community-based Holidays 

This is our one of the key product segment which ensures to have a variety of culture and community based holiday’s products that offer long-haul cultural trips are offered at a range of prices. More than any other, this holidays brings travelers into close contact with people in the host destination and therefore we ensure that our activities protects local culture and contributes to poverty alleviation.

Volunteer and Educational Holidays

These holidays that incorporate volunteer and learning activities in the host community as part of the vacation experience? This type of ‘give back’ vacation is suitable for those who have gap year breaks among students and career breaks among professionals. It includes all ages (but particularly youths), time frames (from a few hours to several weeks or longer), and price ranges. Such holidays offers short term volunteer opportunities that have created special divisions devoted to volunteer and educational holidays, to NGOs and community work.

Youth Holidays

We are specialized to offer the great value for Youth travel (15 – 30 years) with a purpose to learn a language, about another culture, volunteer, and experience the high mountain trekking with a great deal and value.

Adventure Travel Holidays

The Himalaya as we all know it beauty and importance, all the outdoor and adventure lover one day before they die wish to walk up to Everest Base Camp no thought!  ACH offer the wide variety of easy walking & hiking, long and hardship trek over 4000m/12120ft, climbing course on 6000m and many more 8000m of demanding mountaineering expeditions including the TOP OF THE WORLD, THE MOUNT EVEREST 8848m.

Luxury Travel Holidays

We are not just Adventure Travel Holidays planner more over we are also specialized to host Personalized service, and high quality accommodations, good foods, aesthetics, activities, culture and nature tours and amenities, even in remote destinations of Himalaya region.

Responsible tourism (we are guided by “Take a photographs & leave zero foot print” and always travel that maximizes the benefits to local communities, minimizes negative social or environmental impacts, and helps local people conserve fragile cultures and habitats or species).

Pro-poor tourism (we plan and organize our operation to maximize the net benefit for the poor people by empowering and by training on skills development that help them to take part on different tourism activities. We have strong policies to employ the local people and use the local products as much as possible while we travel).

ACH is dedicated to deliver travelers from around the world who have a great interest and passion of adventure travels and holidays to this wonderful land in the Himalaya with the philosophy of  Ecotourism (we are responsible holiday’s planner to Himalaya areas we conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people to the region we travel).

Sustainable Tourism (Nature is not just for current generation what we firmly believe that meets the needs of present travelers and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunities for the future).

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